Founders' Dilemma:
How to ensure your investors will not kick you out?

Learn the main reasons why you may lose control of your company on May 6th 11:00 am EST (5:00 pm CET)
Why should I go for it?
If you think that:
  • The more money, the better!
    Raising loads of capital at an early stage is a road to success.
  • You need to Say 'YES!'
    Taking money from an investor and on any terms cannot hurt.
  • Valuation is Important
    It would be best if you had a definite idea about your startup's valuation prior to fundraising.
  • VC is your Friend!
    VCs will always be on your side and have the same vision.
  • It's YOUR Company
    You will make all major decisions after fundraising and will be CEO till the exit.
4 out of 5
entrepreneurs are forced to step down from CEO's post eventually.
of founders led their companies' initial public offerings.
According to Harvard Business Review in relation to 212 American startups founded between the late 1990s and early 2000s.
Do you want to be in control and lead your company to exit?
Join "Founders' Dilemma" on May 6th
at 11:00 am EST (5:00 pm CET)
After the webinar, you will be able to:
  • Get the first traction without giving up equity.
  • Raise at the right stage, the exact money you need from the right partner.
  • Negotiate your valuation and have a term sheet with favorable conditions.
  • Create a supportive board of directors and manage it.
  • Keep the control and stay CEO till the Exit.
Elena Gusakova is the Founder of Astra Global, a global business development company. Prior to her career in business development, Elena spent 8 years working as an M&A lawyer at private equity funds, leading cross border deals with the total deal amount exceeding $600M. She has a deep understanding of investment processes, investors' main concerns, and is an experienced negotiator. Elena holds EMBA from Columbia and London Business Schools.
Victoria Yampolsky, CFA, is the Founder and President of The Startup Station, an education and advisory platform focused on modeling and valuing early-stage ventures. 1,000+ founders have taken its courses, and The Startup Statin's clients raised more than $50M in financing. Prior to founding The Startup Station, Victoria worked for Deutsche Bank Research and Capgemini. Victoria holds a BS in Computer Science from Cornell University and an MBA from Columbia Business School.
In the course of the webinar, we will discuss:
    • When do you need to start fundraising and from whom?
    • How to fund yourself in the beginning? How much money do you need to start a company?
    • What are the VC's incentives and interests? Why and when will they start pushing you very hard? What tactics can you employ to get leverage?
    • The truth about the company's valuation: a negotiating tool, a financial fact, or a wild guess?
    • Which terms are important to negotiate to retain control? Which terms could be a dealbreaker?
    • Key strategies in creating and managing a board of directors.
    • Top five reasons why you may lose control of your company.

    • What to do if your position as a founder is threatened.

11.00 am - 11.30 am EST (5 - 5.30 pm CET) Opening remarks, Astra Global and The Startup Station.

11.30 am - 11.50 am EST (5.30 - 6.00 pm CET) Talk about the specific strategies you can use to make sure you can retain your control and at the same time maintain a good relationship with investors

11:50 am -12:00 pm EST (5:50 - 6:00 pm CET) Q&A
Prices for "Founders Dilemma"

May 6th at 11:00 am EST (5:00pm CET)
The number of places is limited to ensure meaningful discussion.
€10 €0
Includes only attendance.
Full implementation
€50 €12
Attendance, recording and chat with Victoria and Elena for Q&A available for 24 hours after the webinar.

PLUS comprehensive materials to help you implement the discussed strategies in practice (see list below).
List of materials for Full Implementation
Implement the discussed strategies in practice
  • Investor's readiness checklist, a self-assessment that evaluates how ready you are for professional investment.
  • Instructions on how an effective video pitch and one-pager should be structured.
  • Key term sheet clauses to watch out for to protect your interests.
  • Step plan on how to conduct a successful board meeting.
  • Effective board meeting agenda.
  • Board presentation guidelines.
I was kindly invited to participate at the "Trends in Healthech, Biotech: leading VC panel and pitching" event organised by Astra Global on Wednesday the 17th, 2020.

My congratulations to Ms. Elena Gusakova for the excellent organisation as well as for the careful and diligent selection of both the VCs and the pitching start-ups! Well done!

I really enjoyed it!
Konstantinos Maramenos
Origination Manager, Brookstreet Equity Partners
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