How it works
Phase I "Power round
with 200 Investors"
You can only participate in the Power Round, if you agree to the entire cost of the program. Eligibility for this round: any tech startup raising Seed, Series A, or Series B round.
  • Step 01
    You submit a 2-min video pitch. Once you register for Phase I, we will send you an example of a successful video pitch from our past contestants as well as a presentation with detailed instruction of how the video should be structured
  • Step 02
    We review your video and send you detailed feedback. Our focus will be on making sure you address all points required by our investors for startup evaluation.
  • Step 03
    You can resubmit your video, if you choose. First resubmition is free, if all instructions are followed. Every additional resubmission, or resubmission due to failure to follow the instructions, is $25.
  • Step 4
    We send your video pitch to 200+ investors investing in your industry and stage and they will vote whether or not they are interested.
  • Step 5
    If you get at least five votes, you advance to the next stage. If you get less than five votes, you get intros to the investors who expressed interest and are eligible to participate in Phase II to refine your pitch and financials.
We reserve the right not to send your final video pitch, if it does not meet our minimum quality standards, as our investors expect a certain level of quality from us and/or if you don't follow our submission instructions
How it works
Phase II "Preparation"
We've designed this short program as four sixty-minute sessions and one thirty-min mentoring session with an investor to maximize your chances of success and better prepare you for investors Q&A and due diligence
Session 1: Financial model review - business model
Financial model completeness, growth strategy, pricing strategy and business logic for each revenue stream, and go to market strategy assumptions.
Session 2: Financial model review - costs, working capital, fixed assets
Model adjustmens. Assumptions and logic variable costs, fixed costs, working capital, and fixed assets. Aggregate financial statements.
Session 3: Financial model review- financial feasibility
Session 4: Investor search, communication, negotiation, and FAQuestions
Investor search, communications. Advice on investor negotiations. FAQ


Model adjustments. Financial summary. KPIs, funding needs. valuation, as well as your venture's overall financial feasibility
Sessions for Early-Stage Track
Session 1: Sales
Review current sales channels/cycles, customer experience metrics. Identify levers that can be pulled to drive growth. Develop specific action plans to close gaps.
Session 2: Operations
Review operational plan, staffing and resource (including budget) planning requirements. Review the launch timeline of new services or products.
Session 3: Long-Term Strategy
Session 4: Strategic Financial Review
Assess the financial feasibility of a new growth plan. Review key metrics, capital requirements, growth milestones.

Review 5Y growth plan, target regions/ industries/ markets/ segments/ customers. Validate roadmap for tactics implementation, include of strategic priorities, capital availability and infrastructure constraints.
Sessions for Growth-Stage Track
Mentoring sessions
Each track's Phase II finishes with a pitch training in front of a real VC with an improved deck and model.
Do you want to meet investors who already expressed interest in you, start relationships and close the deal in the subsequent months?

If you have successfully passed through Phase I and II, this is what you get as a result.
How it works
Phase III "Investor meetings"
Each session is structured as a thirty-min investors panel followed by targeted investor meetings where each startup team gets its own breakout room and pitches to at least five investors who already expressed interest in their startup.
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