The Startup Station, an education and consulting company specializing in modeling and valuing early-stage ventures, and Astra Global, a global business development company specializing in startup funding connecting high potential startups of different stages with global leading VCs, are launchingbrand new Investor Matching Program.

To date, our startups have raised in excess of $50M in capital and we have access to 5000+ investors. Check out our past events!

Typical investor networking events and pitch competitions are similar to blind dates - you never know what you are going to get. Investors don't know enough about the startup founders and startup founders don't know if investors they are meeting are the right fit for their business.

You also rarely get the necessary support to be able to present your company in the best light, especially from the financial point of view, and have the maximum chances of success. As a result, most events and competitions are used to practice pitches rather than to make valuable connections and close financing.

Investor Matching Program is uniquely designed to only give you access to the investors already interested in your startup. Further, to be in the best position to present and close the deal, you will also go through a preparatory program before the investor meetings to address any weaknesses in your pitch and financials.
What's your benefits?
Power round with 200 investors
Assess if your startup is marketable by having your pitch sent out to 200 investors specializing in your sector and stage.

Get investor-ready
Through three custom-designed reviews focused on growth strategy, validating your assumptions and how well your financial model represents your business plan.
Get warm intros
Find the approach to any investor who expressed interest in your startup.
Find your inverstor
If you receive sufficient investor interest, meet with investors during our Investor Matching Event, and continue the relationship afterwards.
How it works
Phase I "Power round with 200 Investors"
You can only participate in the Power Round, if you agree to the entire cost of the program. Eligibility for this round: any tech startup raising Seed, Series A, or Series B round.
Step 01
You submit a 2-min video pitch. Once you register for Phase I, we will send you an example of a successful video pitch from our past contestants as well as a presentation with detailed instruction of how the video should be structured
Step 02
We review your video and send you detailed feedback. Our focus will be on making sure you address all points required by our investors for startup evaluation.
Step 03
You can resubmit your video, if you choose. First resubmition is free, if all instructions are followed. Every additional resubmission, or resubmission due to failure to follow the instructions, is $25.
Step 4
We send your video pitch to 200+ investors investing in your industry and stage and they will vote whether or not they are interested.
Step 5
If you get at least five votes, you advance to the next stage. If you get less than five votes, you get intros to the investors who expressed interest and are eligible to participate in Phase II to refine your pitch and financials.
We reserve the right not to send your final video pitch, if it does not meet our minimum quality standards, as our investors expect a certain level of quality from us and/or if you don't follow our submission instructions
How it works
Phase II "Preparation"
We've designed this short program as three sixty-minute sessions and one thirty-min mentoring session with an investor to maximize your chances of success and better prepare you for investors Q&A and due diligence
Session 1: Pitch deck review
We will provide slide by slide comments identifying any information or logical gaps. The focus will be on creating a cohesive story backed by a robust business model
Session 2: Financial model review A
We will focus on financial model completeness, growth assumptions by revenue stream and go to market strategy
Session 3: Financial model review B
Session 4: Final review and delivery
We will reviewing revised investor materials and coach on pitch delivery
We will focus on costs, including working capital and fixed assets; financial summary, valuation, as well as your venture's overall financial feasibility - are you numbers credible, complete, and attractive for investors?
How it works
Phase III "Investor meetings".
Each session is structured as a thirty-min investors panel followed by targeted investor meetings where each startup team gets its own breakout room and pitches to at least five investors who already expressed interest in their startup.
How much cost the future of your start up?
Investor Matching Program fees
1st payment
To be paid before the registration for Phase I closes
2Nd Payment
To be paid before 2nd week of 2nd phase
Team pass
*If you are a part of the accelerator or a current client of The Startup Station, contact us for a discount
Timeline for December Investor Matching Program
Phase I "Power round with 200 Investors"
Phase I "Power round with 200 Investors"
Dec 13 - Registration closes
Dec 15 - Aplications are due
Dec 18 - Feedback Delivered
Dec 23 - Resubmissions are due

Jan 11 - Results announced

Note:Non-refundable fee to be paid by December 13th
Phase II "Preparation"
Phase II "Preparation"
Jan 11 - Feb 10
Three 1h custom sessions / due diligence for investors and 30-min pitch training session with an investor

Note: To advance to Phases II and III, you must make the second payment of $625 by January 17th.
Phase III "Investor Meetings"
Phase III "Investor Meetings"
Feb 11
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