Astra Global present a series of educational webinars.

Webinar with Anna Kachurets, Advisor, Astra Global.

Serial entrepreneur and a business development professional, Anna has pitched and raised $2mln for her own startup in logistics and helped to raise over $15 mln in total for other startups.

About this event.

During the webinar, we told about the most important factors to consider in the investment pitch to get funded, about structure, slides, metrics and valuations.


Anna started a marketplace in logistics when she was 23 and raised 2 rounds of investment totalling $2.1 mln.

She has been helping startups start a business in the UK and raise equity.

Her clients are A-B round startups in Regtech, Fintech, Robotics, Fashion and Biotech. Her investment decks and pitches have helped startups raise overall over $15 mln. She is cited in many leading mas media like Forbes, Vedomosti and etc.

Anna is an Advisor at Astra Global.