Fundraising Experience Survey
Tell us more about your experience during fundraising
My company is in stage
I start raising capital
I have traction (beta users, interest from prospective customers, customers pipeline, or letters of intent)
My company is best described as
The vertical or industry I target is
What‘s your biggest fear in relation to fundraising?
What’s the most difficult part for you in the fundraising?
Would it help you if you had access to a database with 200+ VCs (with the info regarding technology, industry, stage, revenue requirements), to whom you can be introduced?
Would you be willing to have financial training prior to the fundraising process?
Are you aware if you are ready for fundraising?
Which product would you find useful in your fundraising process?
How much would you pay for introduction to 5VCS with guaranteed reply?
How much would you pay for personalized selection of 30 VCs from a 200+ investor database with following warm personal introductions?
How much would you pay for proven strategies to get leading VCs interested in your project and real life introductions to selected investors from 200+ VCs database?
How much would you pay for the preparation of materials for fundraising? (such as guidelines on effective video pitch and one-pager with examples of pitch decks that raised financing, samples of the introduction and follow up emails to investors which get results, standard Seed/Series A term sheet: US and UK versions, guidance on creating a board of directors, key term sheet clauses)